The Zoo in my Stomach

You know that feeling at the pit of your stomach? The one that usually is described like butterflies? Yeah, well I’m feeling just that, but much much more. Because along with the butterflies, came an entire zoo of emotions. Some of these include: excitement, anxiousness, fear, happiness, pride and restlessness.

Warning! This was written at a state of sleep deprivation at 2am, with a bunch of feelings running through me. Therefor it might not give complete sense. In that case; sorry, but thanks for giving it a try :-)-:

We have to honor to offer you a spot at UWC Red Cross Nordic

These animals have been present in my stomach since I got the news on the 17th of Mars. To be precise the document said “We have the honor to offer you a spot at UWC Red Cross Nordic, Fjaler”. That sentence made the zoo of animals, and feelings, appear and mark my stomach as their territory. And even though the first animals to mark their presence were a flock of birds, singing a happy tune, it did not take long before they were accompanied by more tranquil and terrifying animals such as tigers, lions and deers.

It has now been almost a month since the zoo established my stomach as their home, and it has been a roller-coaster of a ride. The first week consisted of all animals making their appearance. Some of them left me feeling happy, excited and curious, while others made me insecure, sad and terrified.

But as the second and third week came by, the animals started to feel at home and didn’t  bother to mark their presence anymore. Still, every now and then an animal, or two, made me look for information and online-stalk Red Cross Nordic a bit more.

And this week, precisely 2 days ago some of my soon-to-be co-students had the courage to make a group on Facebook with all Norwegian students that had been offered a spot at Red Cross Nordic 2017/19. And the zoo in my stomach went wild, once again. But this time they were accompanied by the zoo’s in all of the other’s stomach. And as the night went by, and we got to know each other it calmed down a bit. Because now, the curious animals knew that in the worst case of scenario, were we turn anti-social and refuse to get along with other co-students, we at least get along with the 9 other Norwegians. And that the cliché that had been told so, so many times before, about UWC being a big family, actually was true.

I told you it didn’t make sense, but thanks for at least reading the entire post! – Olivia


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