This Summer Break

Hi again,

It’s been a couple of months since the last time I published anything on the Fjaler Effect, and that reason is simply because it has been summer. Or more specifically; summer break. And boy, has it been an eventful summer break.

A quick brief of this summer would be: a month without Internet connection, causing me, the internet-addicted teen yours truly, to resort to other forms of entertainment, communication and, simply, another lifestyle. Then, when finally coming back to modern civilization travel some bit more over the Mediterranean coast, jump in some more beaches and pools, and spend some valuable time with family.

What the heck is this girl babbling about?, you might be asking yourself. Ok, you’re right, I’ll cut to the chase and stop talking in code. I was in Cuba for almost the entire month of July, visiting my family (in case you have not read the “About me” post, I’m Cuban). And currently, I’m in Barcelona at my dad’s house for two weeks. Then, I’ll go back to Norway for the last week and a half of the summer vacation to spend some time with my friends and (the last bit of family) before I pack up and move to RCN.

This summer, has made me realize many things. Like one of them being the fact that I love traveling, something I had forgotten about. Another being that I like my home, in lengthly periods of traveling miss it dearly. The thing is that I haven’t been home for over a month, and I’m missing it A LOT. I am a lazy person, and like staying in my bed ’till noon to then lay some more in the couch. And although I love traveling, working and experiencing things, I also love to hide from the rest of the world, under my blanket. It’s an icky situation, I know…

Another thing I have realized is how different the world, its cultures and societies are. Like for example during my stay in Cuba, I experienced what is know as Cuba for the outside world, as well as living in the local’s Cuba. And these two sides of my home country are drastically different. In one of them, you live and eat like a king while sipping Mojitos in a beautiful beach. Whilst in the other one, you become used to the sensation of hunger, because food is not easily accessible because of a number of reasons, one of them being the El Bloqueo (The US Embargo on Cuba). I am a proud Cuban, as those who know me probably know, but seeing and experiencing the real Cuba hurts a bit.

The fact of how different a single society, as the one in Cuba, could be, has if anything made me even more frightened on what is about to come this fall when I begin in RCN. In one single place, there will be over 90 completely different cultures and societies present. That honestly scares the you-know-what out of me.

Now, over to a more light realization; Cuba is gorgeous, and so is Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. If you sea the pictures attached in this post, you’ll understand why. (btw, did you sea what I did there??? hehe :DD)

This summer has also brought along many fun and accelerating adventures. Some of them being going to Viñales in Cuba, kayaking in the Caribbean Ocean, parasailing and watercrafting in the Mediterranean, boating in Empuriabrava, and going on roadtrips along the Catalunyan coast.

It’s fair to say it this summer break has been great! For some reason even the uncomfortable act of being isolated from the rest of the world, by not having internet has been a surprisingly  pleasant experience. It was a nice detoxation from social media and all the other unfortunate effects of the modern livestyle. I can now say that I feel more ready than ever to give all my 130 percent (because 110 is too mainstream) to IB and UWC.

Snakkes snart! (See you soon) – Olivia


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