About me & this blog

Hi, and welcome to the Fjaler Effect!

My name is Olivia S. Sánchez. I have been granted with a scholarship for Red Cross Nordic United World College in Fjaler, Norway for the years of 2017/19. This means that I will be living, eating, going to school and sleeping with (the actual form of sleeping not the other one, you pervert) other students from all over the world. This blog is to share my experience with my friends, family and others who might be interested in applying to RCN or any other UWC school.

Now, a bit about myself:

  • I was born December 14th in La Habana, Cuba.
    • This makes me: 16 years old, and Cuban.
  • But I moved to Norway when I was 6 years old, and have lived here since.
    • This makes me: a Norwegian-Cuban (?) and bi-langual
  • I like doing things such as … in my spare time
    • … eating (you will eventually find out about how big of a foodie I am)
    • … read (you will also find out that I am a huge nerd)
    • … watch movies & listen to music (netflix and spotify are my two favorite words, after food 😉 )
    • … politics (I told you I was a nerd)
    • … sleep (although I am really bad at making sure I get enough of it)
    • … take photos (you will also find out that I love photography, although I am not particularly good at it
  •  I have unsuccessfully tried keeping a diary and writing a blog before, so I am very excited to see how I’ll manage to keep this one… 🙂


I hope you have learned a bit about myself, and that you enjoy the blog. Talk to you soon, – Olivia